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  • Published on Mar 10, 2019

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  • Hoopdy
    Hoopdy 1 week ago

    It gives me so much life whenever John dumps ass on his parent company.

  • Zac Ziggarot
    Zac Ziggarot 1 week ago

    I get calls all the time for lowering my student debt.

  • thangerstrings
    thangerstrings 1 week ago

    me every day: (laughs) I am a real person!

  • Toe to Tip That's a Bart

    I get robocalls about credit card debt, college debt, IRS arrests, car payments, mortgage payments.

  • Connor McNamara
    Connor McNamara 1 week ago

    Is there anyone more universally hated then Ajit Pai? Does anyone actually like him?

  • Simone Rubin
    Simone Rubin 1 week ago

    I love this petty man and all of his petty antics so goddamn much

  • Jayde Taylor
    Jayde Taylor 1 week ago


  • Andrew J
    Andrew J 5 days ago

    Ajit Pai: "Excuse me, gentlemen, it appears that I may have won a cruise" Let's be honest, folks. The only cruise offers he gets are from ISP lobbyists.

  • NortheastGamer
    NortheastGamer 1 week ago

    "There is a live person here" Just made me think of a robot who cannot lie that has a person tied up in the back so she could satisfy her programming.

  • Nuri B
    Nuri B 6 days ago

    John. You and your team are some goddamn geniuses with balls of steel, sir. Thank you!

  • Thinking_Visually
    Thinking_Visually 1 week ago

    The devil works hard, but John Oliver works harder

  • Mary Jiang
    Mary Jiang 1 week ago

    Ajit can’t be president but do you think he could win a goober-natorial race?

  • papson85
    papson85 3 days ago

    It's crazy, i learn more from John Oliver, a comedian than the news journalist!

  • Redstone Casey
    Redstone Casey 2 days ago

    John Oliver is the very definition of "Chaotic Good".

  • Sven van der veen
    Sven van der veen 1 week ago

    the spoofing example was actually pretty good for people who don't know shit about technology.

  • Adi
    Adi 1 week ago

    That big button should've been pressed by the big middle finger.

  • Baxxter
    Baxxter 1 week ago

    Donald Trump sure is jealous of that big hand...

  • boogiebutters
    boogiebutters 1 week ago

    Loved that pause between the "against" and "you" in the IRS scam call. Really suspenseful, like a Hallmark mystery with d-list actors/actresses.

  • Wangnan Zhong
    Wangnan Zhong 2 days ago

    Oliver: pulls out giant props.

  • The Opinion of Matt

    Every 90 minutes, John you are aiming low. It should be every 90 seconds.